Wakefern and the Environment Wakefern has demonstrated a true commitment to the long-term protection of the environment for more than 30 years. Environmentally-focused initiatives include a company- and store-wide recycling program for items such as grocery bags, plastic film and pharmacy stock bottles; at-retail Bag Re-Use Programs; Education Programs; and Conservation Partnerships. Wakefern’s dedication to corporate social responsibility has established the company as an industry leader in the constant pursuit of environmental sustainability. Wakefern perseveres in this commitment by implementing a sustainability strategy for the company that focuses on making a positive and lasting impact on the environment and the communities it serves.

Wakefern Sustainability Statement We believe that it is our responsibility to: Reduce our Environmental impact through our business practices, policies and daily decision-making we employ; Ensure the health and safety of our associates; and Behave in a socially responsible manner in all of our business dealings while making a meaningful difference in our communities through our charitable giving and support. We encourage our employees to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility in all of their spheres of influence and are committed to being in compliance with all laws and regulations. Click here for Wakefern's Environmental Sustainability Programs

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