Environmental Programs

Recycling Programs In 2013 alone, Wakefern-supported stores recycled a total of 128, 056 tons of cardboard, 3, 187 tons of plastics, 773 tons of newspaper, 332 tons of office paper, 48 tons of metal, and 2, 922 tons of waxed corrugated cardboard. Recycling efforts at retail continue to expand - these stores also recycle plastic wrap, plastic bags, newspapers, magazines, circulars, books, office paper, pharmacy stock pill bottles, and black plastic flower containers. Wakefern has actively diverted recyclable material out of its municipal waste stream since the 1970’s and has recycled more than 1.7 MILLION tons of materials to date. In addition, overstocked produce and other perishables are donated to local food banks as a part of the company’s community outreach programs. At-Retail Reusable Bag Programs Wakefern-supported retail stores promote the use and purchase of recycled and reusable shopping bags as an alternative to new plastic bags. Customers who bring their own paper or plastic bags receive a 2¢ per bag credit, and those with non-disposable bags receive 5¢. The 2¢ credit initiative was implemented in the early 1990s, and the 5¢ plan was introduced in July 2008. These incentives have pushed shoppers to be more conscientious in the use and reuse of shopping bags. In 2012, Wakefern-supported retail store customers reused more than 61 million paper and plastic bags. In fact, in the last 7 years ShopRite customers have kept approximately 321 million bags out of landfills!  This means less trash was sent to the landfills AND fewer resources were needed to create new bags. Green Product Procurement Wakefern works to procure green products to offer to the retail stores it services. These products include compact fluorescent lights (CFL), environmental back-to-school supplies, hybrid batteries, bamboo cutting boards, home water filtration systems, non-bleached coffee filters, organic kitchen towels, natural sponges, and bagged organic soil. Conservation Partnerships Wakefern has worked for many years to cultivate environmental partnerships with a number of organizations. Some of these partnerships include the following: Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC)  ANJEC, a non-profit organization, helps New Jersey environmental commissions, individuals, local and state agencies to preserve natural resources and to promote sustainable communities. Audubon Society of New Jersey and Connecticut  The Audubon Society has been preserving wildlife and natural systems since 1897. Clean Communities Council Implements public information and education programs that change the attitudes that cause littering and irresponsible handling of solid waste. Clean Ocean Action Wakefern works with Clean Ocean Action on their annual beach cleanups throughout New Jersey. Chesapeake Bay Foundation CBF addresses the issues that affect the health of the bay and its tributaries, frighting for clean water at local, state and federal levels. Clearwater of New Jersey  This organization actively educates children and adults about the importance of clean water. This group is best known for its portable environmental classroom and its annual music and environmental festival in Asbury Park, NJ. Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey  Conserve Wildlife is a non-profit organization dedicated to New Jersey's wildlife. Wakefern has provided funding and other services benefiting Conserve Wildlife and its initiatives. Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN) DRN works on conservation efforts for the human and nonhuman communities that love, appreciate and depend upon the Delaware River. Greater Newark Conservancy  This organization promotes environmental stewardship to improve the qualtiy of life in New Jersey's urban communities. The Conservancy has four program areas - environmental education, community greening and gardening, job training and advocacy for environmental justice. Hackensack Riverkeeper The Riverkeeper advocates the responsible restoration and conservation of the various fish and wildlife habitats that exist within the Hackensack River watershed. Wakefern and the Hackensack Riverkeeper have worked for a number of years on the World Series of Birding fund-raising event. Institute for Sustainable Enterprises (ISE)  ISE at Fairleigh Dickinson University educates current and future leaders of business, government, non-profit and educational institutions about sustainability. Friends of Island Beach State Park Every year, this organization is vital in rebuilding and stablilizing the dunes of Island Beach State Park. New Jersey Clean Communities Council The Clean Communities Council is New Jersey's only statewide litter-abatement program and offers children and adults many opportunities to get involved in litter cleanups. NJ Envirothon Coordinated by the Association of Conservation Districts, this event provides hands-on environmental science education to high school students.  

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