Wakefern New Supplier Requirements

OVERVIEW If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Wakefern Food Corporation, you must contact the appropriate Wakefern division listed below by calling or writing the Procurement Manager of that division. Direct Store Delivery suppliers should contact the appropriate product division. It is essential that you provide sufficient information about your company and the specific products you are proposing for presentation at the time of your initial contact. In the event that the Procurement Manager wishes to pursue a business relationship with your company, you will be asked to provide additional information, as required.
Grocery Dairy/Deli Meats
505 Division Street 5000 Industrial Avenue 5000 Industrial Avenue
Elizabeth, NJ 07207 Keasbey, NJ 08832 Keasbey, NJ 08832
908-527-3411 732-512-6723 732-512-6753
Frozen Foods Seafood Produce
5000 Industrial Avenue 505 Division Street 505 Division Street
Keasbey, NJ 08832 Elizabeth, NJ 07207 Elizabeth, NJ 07207
732-512-6723 908-527-7522 908-527-7587
Fresh Bake Floral Commercial Bakery
5000 Industrial Avenue 505 Division Street 505 Division Street
Keasbey, NJ 08832 Elizabeth, NJ 07207 Elizabeth, NJ 07207
732-512-6700 908-527-3454 908-527-3838
Appy/Food Service Specialty Grocery Quality Assurance
505 Division Street 355 Davidsons Mill Road 505 Division Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07207 Jamesburg, NJ 08831 Elizabeth, NJ 07207
908-527-3425 732-521-8645 908-527-3849
General Merchandise Transportation Corp./Retail Purchasing
355 Davidsons Mill Road 505 Division Street 33 Northfield Avenue
Jamesburg, NJ 08831 Elizabeth, NJ 07207 Edison, NJ 08818
908-527-7719 732-906-5271
Data Integrity Non Foods 732-521-8416 HBC 732-521-8688
33 Northfield Avenue
Edison, NJ  08818 Pharmacy 732-521-8504
In the event that Wakefern or its representative requests a meeting, please bring the information requested in the following sections. The information requirements that follow are necessary for the set up of new vendors and items. Any meeting or request for information does not qualify as an approval of the supplier or any product. NEW SUPPLIER SET UP REQUIREMENTS All new vendors (DSD, Corporate Purchasing, Non Perishables, Perishables) are required to complete the appropriate New Vendor Forms (see Appendix #1, #2 and #3).
  • General information for Vendors (PO Vendor, AP Vendor, DSD Vendor, etc.)
  • Vendor Data File (Transportation)
  • Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Certificate of Insurance
    • Please forward your Certificate of Insurance in PDF format to: certs@wakefern.shoprite.com
    • You will receive an email notifying you if you are NOT in compliance with Wakefern’s insurance requirements.
  • A sample of your company's invoice and a letter, on company letterhead, stating the remit to address for payment.
    • A sample invoice and accompanying letter are required to ensure your invoices are properly processed and paid. For all DSD vendors, item detail MUST be included on the sample invoice, including UPC. Please refer to the invoice requirements in Wakefern Accounting Guidelines located in Section 6 of the manual.
  • Reclamation Agreement
  • Letter of Agreement Regarding Guaranteed Sales/Promotions (as required - see Appendix #16)
  INTRODUCING NEW ITEM FOR APPROVAL New items are reviewed and approved by Wakefern's Category Managers. If there is an interest, the Wakefern Category Manager will contact your company to arrange a meeting to further discuss opportunities. Please bring the following information to your meeting with the Wakefern Category Manager. This meeting suggests that Wakefern has chosen to review your new item but does not guarantee its acceptance. Wakefern introduced a web based portal for the submission of new items.  This portal is currently available for Non Perishables and will soon be available to Perishables.  All suppliers will be required to fulfill certain requirements to gain access to this application.  Please go to New Item Portal for more information on this application.
  • Submit item through Wakefern’s New Item Portal (where available) or complete a New Item Form(s) (see Appendix #4 or #5) that includes cost.
  • Completed Notice(s) of Promotion Allowance Form (see Appendix #14).
  • Product samples - see below for instructions and information.
  • Be prepared to discuss the following topics at the interview:
  • Product Demo's available.
  • Key features and benefits of the product
  • Marketing, advertising and promotion plans for your product(s).
  • IRI/Nielsen market data where available and applicable.
  • Target customers for your product.
  • Recommended product placement in schematic.
  • Sales history of your product and where it is sold today.
  • Projected sales and profits
  • Reclamation Program
  • FSI values, dates, and newspaper circulation.
  • 2 samples of each new item for review.
Once the Category Manager has decided to accept or reject the new item, you will be notified by phone, e-mail or fax. Note: Please refer to the appropriate Appendix number to view a copy of sample forms. Wakefern forms are proprietary documents and must not be altered. PRODUCT SAMPLE REQUIREMENTS At the time of presentation, suppliers are required to provide two samples of each item presented. In the event that samples are not available, digital images of all sides of the product, along with precise item measurements are required.
  • If a product sample is not provided, an image of the actual bar code and the product description is required.
  • All products must possess a unique UPC code and a scannable bar code.

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