Our Customers

Wakefern participates in a buying consortium with two other leading wholesalers, offering a combined purchasing power of more than $20 billion. Wakefern’s wholesale customers include: Morton Williams is a family-owned and operated food retailer of 12 stores in the New York Metropolitan area - in business since 1946. Each store is designed to reflect the needs of the individual neighborhood. Please visit www.mortonwilliams.com for more information. Gristedes has been serving New Yorkers for over 100 years, offering fresh meats, produce, dairy products, baked goods, frozen foods, gourmet foods, and nonfood items. Please visitwww.gristedes.com for more information. The MarketPlace Limited operates its chain of 8 grocery stores throughout the island of Bermuda. Originally opening its doors as the Piggly Wiggly, the The MarketPlace stores are the most modern grocery stores in Bermuda, rivaling many of their North American counterparts. In addition to domestic customers across the Northeast and Ohio, Wakefern is also an international wholesaler to supermarkets throughout Central and South America, the Middle East and the British Isles. Please visit www.marketplace.bm for more information.

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